ARP – Art Residency project: On the Way to Cape Town, Valentina Colella shows in Italy and Germany

From 17 to 25 September 2016, the ‘Museo Laboratorio Ex-manifattura Tabacchi’ Museum, Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara, Italy) will be host to the exhibition by the young artist from Abruzzo Valentina Colella “… e dopo accadde il bianco! [and then All became white!]” curated by Vittoria Biasi. The exhibition will be hosted later at the Italian Institute of Culture in Cologne from 7 October to 7 November and will conclude in December in Emigrant Museum Pascal D’Angelo in Introdacqua (L’Aquila). The project is sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture in Cologne, the Province of l’Aquila, the Municipality of Introdacqua and the Municipality of Città Sant’Angelo.


The world of nature in the poetics of Valentina Colella is a declaration of a narrative strategy referring to ghosts, and to heroes, which, removed from all temporal projections, become free in the mental space, imitating aerial space. The artist starts her history by photographing meshes for cages and structures for windows, as a moment of reflection on the idea of opposition which accompanies man’s life and seems to be “inscribed within the constitution of the world.”
In “… e dopo accadde il bianco!”, Valentina Colella’s embarks upon a narrative which focuses on the buzzard, a bird found in Abruzzo and common in certain parts of Europe and Asia. The artist studies the buzzard’s behaviour, isolating certain realities which she analyses in a manner almost looking to possess its rules.
The overlapping pages, engraved within the gradual reduction of the silhouette, create the sculptural depth of the flight. Every page appears like the layout of an isobar of the flight, of the sound, of the unattainability of being.

2016_esodi_-36-tele-30-cm-x-30-cm_           2016_le-possibilita-del-volo_acrilico-su-tela_70-cm-x-100-cm-copia

The Director of the Institute of Culture in Cologne, Lucio Izzo, states: “A dialogue in the name of contemporaneity and of a conception of art as social commitment that, however, does not exclude either the emotions and the individual perception of the mystery inherent in the places or their intrinsic poetry.
The artist gives voice to a modern Italy, deeply rooted in its lands and origins, and yet totally projected to the future. Such is the spirit that distinguishes our culture and that, with the consciousness of belonging to Europe, characterizes our identity of today and our contribution to the global culture”.

“The title of the exhibition”, writes the curator Vittoria Biasi, “arises from the conception of the work which aims to go above and beyond, to overcome a limit of the visible. The silhouettes engraved or painted within a deliberate ritual process develop the procedure horizontally and in depth through an imaginary invisible white meeting between man, bird and my lucky star, as the artist says. A new form of image was born from the experience of what is real: this is a philosophical principle of thought, of love, of pride, of oneself”.

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