drawing and graphic

Luigi Di Sarro’s drawings kept in the Historical Archives date from the beginning of the fifties until the artist’s death accompanying his life and his research and tying on different topics: from portraits of the family and friends to landscapes, to those most closely related to the developing of forms and signs that characterize Di Sarro’s ripe production.To report a series unusual drawings made in 1965,  executed simultaneously with both hands, testimony of his ‘ambidexterity’.

From the second half of the fifties, when he attended the studio of Carlo Alberto Petrucci, to last years of life drawing is again the main point in Luigi Di Sarro’s graphics activity. Subjects and forms used in this field of interest ar very close to those of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, and connected to the artist’s particular conception of sign as a matrix form.

In the complex of Di Sarro’s graphic work it can be identified the works done in 1971 during his stay in New York, when he attended the Art Students League in order to specialize in lithographic technique, and the printing done in Tokyo in 1975.