historical archive

se un giorno le cose mie
quelle piccole cose
che ho avuto
rimarranno poi con me
o se n’andranno

Luigi Di Sarro, november 1967
(Pensieri poetici, Milano 2005)

The Historical Archive Luigi Di Sarro is a place of study and research and forms the core and an integral part of the Documentation Centre of Contemporary Art Luigi Di Sarro, founded in Rome in 1981 by the artist’s family.

Archive task is to study, preserve and catalog the works and documentation related to the artist’s search and life and promotes the collection, publication, dissemination of the works, writings, documents, data, testimonials, news and any other material that relates to Luigi Di Sarro, even offering advice regarding the works and the material attributed to the artist, taking any action necessary, including legal order, against tampering and / or counterfeiting of works and materials.

The Archives has a library of magazines and art books and other topics which is available by appointment.

The background of Luigi Di Sarro is present in the volume Guida agli archivi d’arte del ‘900 a Roma e nel Lazio, published by the Quadriennale di Roma Foundation, Palombi Editori, Roma 2009, pp. 96-97.


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