Painting involves Luigi Di Sarro from the beginning when he was thirteen years old and for a natural arrangement, engages with brushes and jars of paint. In 1955 one of His first paintings strikes Carlo Alberto Petrucci who invites Luigi Di Sarro to work into his studio in Via del Babuino (location that remain dear to the artist who attend there until the death of his master in 1963).

Luigi Di Sarro graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he is also qualified for teaching.

Themes addressed by Luigi Di Sarro in painting, as in drawing, are several: at first dedicated to figurative, and then more and more focused on the sign as an element of generative forms. The techniques used are oil, acrylic, gouache and tempera, but there are also examples of works in which the artist reports on canvas different materials: fragments of iron frames, sheet metal, glass, polystyrene, fabric, and photography. Occasionally he is also dedicated to mural painting.