ARP – Art Residency Project PHASE 2



While Zwelethu Machepha is about to end his artistic residency in Rome, the Centro Luigi Di Sarro and the partner Everard Read Gallery are pleased to announce that the italian artist Valentina Colella was selected for the second phase of the ARP – Art Residency Project . Valentina Colella was born in 1984, in Sulmona (AQ). She is a youngh artist who use art to explore the world of youth. Her work focuses on the relationships between reality, the body and the digital languages. In a completely different way, through the use of various techniques, painting, photography, video, installations and mixed media, Colella approaches the theme of consciousness of reality and individual identity increasingly submerged, altered or even dissolved by the arrogance of the so-called digital world. Much of the Colella’s artwork over the years has investigated and represented the crushing, even emotional, human soul.

Valentina Colella was officially presented to the ARP project team during in occasion of the opening of the Zwelethu Machepa’s show that featured the project Colonial Ghosts reworked during his Rome art residency. Colella has so literally could enter into the virtual plaza of the shattered  and “pixelated” identities proposed by Machepha to the Centro Di Sarro, a meeting that will be repeated in Cape Town  when the 31 years old artist from Abruzzo will held her art residency in South Africa and the two young artists will meet again to work on a four hands site-specific .

Valentina Colella will be in Cape Town in mid-February to the end of March 2017, and his solo exhibition was held at the Everard Read Gallery. The ARP project also involves a group of young U35 people in South Africa with various training projects in various artistic disciplines.

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