Giulia Fumagalli and Alessio Barchitta from Italy, Viktoria Nianiou and Salvador Gomez from Spain, Zana Masombuka and Grace Mokalapa from South Africa. The Centro Luigi Di Sarro’s international residency programme, realized with the contribution of the MAECI, is aimed at young U30 artists. Cape Town, Granada and Rome are the Talents Exchange stages, between November and December 2019.

The 7th Edition of the ARP-Art Residency Project will start from Cape Town in November. The residency program for young artists under 30 is conceived and promoted by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro, through an innovative formula that involves several countries.

Talents exchange is an artistic adventure of experimentation and intercultural dialogue that will see a group of 6 artists traveling together first to Cape Town, then to Granada and finally to Rome, for almost 2 months.

The program will allow the group of artists, selected through a competition and by a jury of experts, to undertake a training trip between North and South of the world. The course, consisting of 3 periods of residency in South Africa, Spain and Italy, ideally combines the Mediterranean with Sub-Saharan Africa and acts as a bridge of knowledge between Europe and South Africa, a leading country on the continent for cultural and artistic growth. The winners will have the opportunity to carry out a research project and discuss with the group to set up local events on the way and a final exhibition in Rome in December.

The winning projects of ARP 7Edition range in the different fields of the figurative arts and investigate the most contemporary themes, all oriented to the bet of knowledge.

Over 50 contacts and 38 valid applications came to the selection of the jury composed of: Jake Aikman, Satellite, Cape Town; Alessandra Atti Di Sarro, Centro Luigi Di Sarro; Khanya Mashabela, Art critic, Cape Town; Marisa Mancilla, Facultad de Bellas Artes UGR, Universidad de Granada; Francesco Ozzola, Suburbia, Granada; Carlotta Sylos Calò, University of Tor Vergata, Rome.

ARP 7th Edition – Talents Exchange is realized with the contribution of MAECI – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Media Aid Onlus, in partnership with Suburbia Granada, Spain, and Satellite Cape Town, South Africa, and with the collaboration of Rainbow Media NPO.

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