SEDEO ERGO SUM Social Choreography by Caterina Pecchioli October 12th-18th TheatreArtVerona 2018

Teatro Nuovo Verona – from 12 to 18 October 2018

Vernissage – October 12th from 5 pm to 7 pm

Finissage – October 18th at 7.30pm

The artist Caterina Pecchioli is on the billboard of the TheatreArtVerona contemporary theater review. Her Social Choreography, housed in the foyer of the Teatro Nuovo, is an interactive installation in which the public is invited to take on a role and become the actor of an open performative exchange. The visitor enters a space inhabited by various “constellations” of chairs where, following a series of suggested instructions, it forms an open partition that can be acted in many ways.

The participants, simultaneously executing different instructions indicated in the cards, give life to the “Social Choreography”. The dynamic that is born leads to simultaneous experimentation and observation, as simple gestures, actions and positions in space, influencing the role and social communication.

The project takes place as a collateral event of ART Verona and is carried out in collaboration with Centro Luigi Di Sarro.

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