LUIGI DI SARRO NEWS – “Quella notte a Roma” by Carla Cucchiarelli (Iacobelli editore) tells the life of Luigi Di Sarro

Would have had a radiant future ahead of him Luigi Di Sarro, but everything stopped on the night of February 24, 1979, when he was killed. It was the dark Rome of the years of lead. A stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Church, in a tragic accident at a checkpoint, his life was broken by gunshots. He was only 37 and was not the only innocent victim of the Royal law, against Terrorism. 254 dead and 371 injured are the tragic balance of the victims of this law in the first fifteen years of its application, from 1975 to 1990. Artist of merit and certain future, Luigi Di Sarro was at the same time also an attentive physician, who lived his profession as a mission.

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A travel lover, always ready to capture the sign of the times, he had been among the first in Italy to practice acupuncture, discovered during an artistic residency in Japan. His great passion, however, was the art in its many forms. To this fever he devoted much of his brief but intense life: an experimental artist of great courage, he was able to express himself in different languages, crossing with the same impetus the drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics and photography. Through the memories of family, friends, students and colleagues who always have a cheerful and carefree boyfriend in their hearts, Carla Cucchiarelli, journalist of the Rai regional news program, reconstructs a page of the history and the Roman art scene of the ’70s. Preface by Maurizio Fiasco. Afterword Alessandra Atti Di Sarro.

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