GIUSEPPE RESCIGNO ATLANTE DELL’IMMAGINARIO curated by Massimo Bignardi April12th-May4th 2018

Opening April 12th 2018, 18 pm

The exhibition GIUSEPPE RESCIGNO Atlas of the imaginary, curated by Massimo Bignardi, proposes a selected selection of works created by the artist, taken from the cycles that highlight a sort of neonaturalism, charged with a playful figure.

“In current works – said Massimo Bignardi – striking the color, carefully studied and thought, to create an imaginative shot that subtracts the repeated forms of the branches, exhibited in their point of articulation (as bodies with raised arms that later take the form of totems and signals as it is for Vegetal symbolism, of 2013), from the universe of nature. It is a playful nature, dreamed, just like the color that intercepts it, leaving great margins to the imagination, even urging architectural similarities of an urban scenario. An order that over time will give space to paginations that call into question tactile perceptions that the artist manages by alternating molds of stylized leaves, made of wood or terracotta, with the imprints that they leave on paper, such as to activate, on a semiotic plane , a relationship between the graphic sign and the object-shape that determines it “.

“It is indicative, scrolling the biography of Rescigno – writes Ada Patrizia Fiorillo in the introductory essay to the recent monograph appeared for the types of Gutenberg Editions – to read that the beginnings of his artistic work should be placed at the beginning of the seventies. An affirmation that obviously induces to immediately enter the reader in contact with the phase of his work that he considers more assimilable to his own path. […] This is an aspect that connotes him in a relevant way, but with which attitudes emerge, that is a certain way of looking at things compared to which other points of view face to recognize his personality and his poetics. The broad spectrum of actions that has guided the path towards the production of images and situations historically placed, frame it, within the margins of a reconsideration of the visual […] for which today has focused more attention on the recovery of forms objects, signs taken, in an imaginative playful and disenchanted projection, from the world of nature “.

During the exhibition, Thursday April 19th at 6.30 pm, the book Arte contemporanea in Ferrara From the neo-avant-gardes to the post-modern outcomes, by Ada Patrizia Fiorillo (Mimesis, 2017) will be presented. Ferrara is a reality with which Rescigno will relate during the Seventies, with the participation in the exhibition “Extra Media. Current experiences of aesthetic communication”, curated by Enrico Crispolti in 1979, and with a performative intervention such as, Video cancellation (with Marano) made in the same year at the Multipurpose Hall of the Civic Gallery of Modern Art.

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