DITTICO – Casciello/Vollaro – curated by Massimo Bignardi 7-30 June 2017

The exhibition proposes, as two small “monographs”, the recent works of two artists who, after about thirty-five years, return to exhibit at Centro Luigi Di Sarro.
In the exhibition, together with the iron sculptures by Angelo Casciello, the “copper constructions” of Luigi Vollaro and some drawings, works performed in recent years, are two works of the early eighties, ideally pointing to the starting point Of a dialogue and a relationship that artists have established since the years of formation.
“Dictico sums up the meaning of a relationship that, from the early eighties, keeps alive the friendship with Angelo Casciello and Luigi Vollaro. Ours has been and is a dialogue, a constant confrontation – notes Massimo Bignardi – that goes beyond occasions dictated by exhibitions or professional commitments. It has not been and is not a ‘team’, but wants to respond to the need to work in common, to weave a much larger ethical perspective. […] In the recent experiences of Casciello, the sign that holds together pictorial paintings The “plastic architectures”, is more clearly proposed as a gesture that expresses the vitality of an uninterrupted dialogue with nature. It is a gesture that affirms the bond of identity with its place of existence, with the times of its narratives. The Mediterranean, Greece, Vesuvius with its history and myth are “figures” that emerge today with greater strength: it is a cry of energy and, at the same time, of a fertile humanity. […] For Vollaro, the shape, derived from thin copper plates, is loaded with original energy: from the small sculptures realized in 2016, in fact, the features of architectures in which the artist places organic shapes, but posed in Log of a plastic image configuration. Vollaro does not try formal abbreviations or ‘abstractions’ or ‘figurative’ redemptions: he works with extreme imagination, without ever losing contact with ‘hands’. ”

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