CUBA – Un Projecto Especifico – Paolo Bini and Catherine Biocca in Havana

Un Projecto Especifico is the installation made in Havana by Paolo Bini and Catherine Biocca for the XIII Weeks of Italian Culture 2010.
The two artists selected by Centro Luigi Di Sarro at the invitation of the Italian Embassy in Cuba exhibited their works in the halls of the Convent of Saint Francis at Old Havana and during their stay they designed and built a site-specific that represented their encounter with Cuban reality. This prolific experience has been made with a catalog that collects the photographic narrative of the exhibition done in Havana, accompanied by the texts of Ambassador Marco Baccin and Alessandra Atti Di Sarro who curated the project. For some years, the Centro Luigi Di Sarro has carried out such artistic initiatives in different areas of the world with the aim of promoting the encounter, knowledge and confrontation. The exhibition was repeated in Rome, to account for the Cuban experience, but also to open the debate on the importance of cultural dialogue, especially in the field of contemporary artistic research and experimentation.


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