CONTRIBUTI AL NOVECENTO. Luigi Di Sarro’s painting in a group show at Fondazione Stelline. Milan 2018 September 13th – October 14th

On the occasion of “Novecento Italiano”, a program of City of Milan, which documents the history of art from the historical avant-gardes to the contemporary, from September 13th to October 14th 2018 the Stelline Foundation presents the exhibition Contributi al Novecento. From Boccioni to Rotella to the contemporaries, curated by Bruno Corà and Tonino Sicoli. The aim is to make the 20th century collection of the MAON – Museum of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Rende (CS) known to the general public. Thirty-five works exhibited in a chronological account from the early twentieth century to the twenty-first century, organized in two time sections.


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