ARP 9Edition. The HIC ET NUNC n.2 workshop continues the investigation into the idea of the contemporary. At the center of the meetings are the 6 winners of the residency program created with the contribution of the MAECI. The final exhibition on 7 October 2023 for the 19th GdC Amaci.

A work that reflects the contemporary to be carried with you in hand luggage. This is the challenge for 5 winning artists and a curator of the ninth edition of the ARP – PACK AND GO competition: a residency-workshop that questions and investigates the notion of the contemporary.

ARP – Art Residency Project is the artistic residency programme, conceived and created by the Luigi Di Sarro Centre, with the aim of promoting a disposition towards intercultural dialogue and the comparison of practices and methods in the world of art too. For its ninth edition it once again proposed the PACK AND GO formula, that is, the challenge of conceiving and creating a work that represents one’s idea of contemporaneity and which is easily transportable to allow maximum mobility.

We live in difficult years and even for artists, especially emerging young people, the slowdown, if not the forced blockade, of social relations created by the covid-19 pandemic, wars and the economic crisis has represented and represents an obstacle. The ARP program has always worked by promoting educational trips, but with this formula it wants to go further and attempt to cross not only geographical borders, but also emotional ones.

It was thought that a project that started from the analysis of the idea of the contemporary would offer fertile ground for returning to dialogue, confrontation, opposition and sharing.

The young artists selected Samela Balazi, Beatrice Caruso, Cheriese Dilrajh, Anna Martynenko and Mirino Mwandiambira and Azzurra Pizzi as curator come from European, Balkan and African countries.

The jury that selects the artists is made up of Alessandra Atti Di Sarro, Simone Ciglia and Carlotta Sylos Calò.

The Hic et Nunc workshop n.2 will be attended among others experts by Angelo Capasso, Simone Ciglia, Heidi Erdmann, Carlotta Sylos Calò, Matteo Piccioni and Alessandra Troncone, curated by Alessandra Atti Di Sarro.

The folds of the void, is the exhibition that concludes the CL/PA – the travel project created thanks to the support of the Italian Council (X Edition 2021). Giulia Fumagalli + Aran Ndimurwanko. Opening 19 November 2022 h.17-20.

How to tell two distant places after having had an intense experience of them?
What shapes can they take? What in them can be considered full?
What, instead, empty? And how these entities so different can dialogue?

These are some of the questions that revolve around The folds of the void, the exhibition by Giulia Fumagalli (Carate Brianza – MI, 1990) with Aran Ndimurwanko (Trento, 1991) which take place at the Centro Luigi Di Sarro in Rome, from 19 November to 23 December 2022. Critical text by Alice Evangelisti.

It is a heterogeneous selection of works resulting from the double residency that the two artists experienced during the spring 2022, first in Chile and then in Panama.
The result is thus their personal and artistic vision of these two places, geographically close, but completely at the antipodes. On the one hand, the Chilean landscape, visually open due to the immense desert expanse, which, although empty, is capable of triggering continuous connections. On the other hand, the Panamanian one, visually closed due to the presence of the impenetrable jungle, which fills the eyes and the mind, overpopulating them with images.

Two completely opposite experiences, which mutually activate sensations of fullness and
of emptiness, opposing them but at the same time making them also become the consequence of the other. Thus, focusing on the extrinsic and intrinsic characteristics of these two places, Fumagalli and Ndimurwanko give their interpretation. If Fumagalli investigates two natural elements water and air – which materialize in light and poetic installations able to evoke their presence, Ndimurwanko shapes the earth, giving life to works full of daily rituals.

The exhibition is part of the project CL/PA – the travel by Giulia Fumagalli, created thanks to the support of the Italian Council (X edition, 2021), a program for the international promotion of Italian art of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture.

ARP 8 Edition. Valona, Rome and Amsterdam are the cities involved in the itinerary of the new PACK AND GO formula. This year the program hosts 6 young people from Belgium, Germany, South Africa and Italy who have won the traveling residency created with the contribution of Maeci.

An artwork that declines the contemporary and to take with you in a hand luggage. This is the bet for 5 winning artists and one curator of the ARP PACK AND GO competition.
The residency program of the Centro Luigi Di Sarro is aimed at young people under 30 and is carried out with the contribution of Youth Exchanges from MAECI and other partners. A traveling workshop between Rome, Valona and Amsterdam to discuss and investigate the notion of contemporary.

What does contemporary art mean and, above all, how and how much can the definition of contemporary be adapted to the continuous change of time and history? 

The last few years have confronted us with the need to reflect on the Hic et Nunc, suddenly erasing that sense of stability that was associated with the idea of the contemporary era, our contemporary, peaceful and progressive era. 

In short, is history perhaps putting us in front of a new era? So will the future be the new contemporary? And how will art be able to respond to these mutations?

These are the issues on which the ARP program intends to dialogue. It will start in Vlore in Albania where the Consulate General of Italy will host the first meeting of the winners of the Art Residency Project for a Meet up that will take place on October 14, on the occasion of the 18th Amaci-Maeci Contemporary Day.
Artan Shabani, art historian, one of the founders of the Albanian Gallery of Art, will meet the curator Veronica Budini and the artists Mpumelelo Buthelezi, Florinda Ciucio, Amelia Kuhlmann, Svenia Jarisch and Giampaolo Parrilla, accompanied by Alessandra Atti Di Sarro, vice president of the Centro Luigi Di Sarro. On show the works selected for PACK AND GO that will come out of the luggage for the first time to ignite the debate.

The group will then return to Italy, to Rome, where the workshop will take place at the Luigi Di Sarro Center: 10 intense days of meetings, lessons, workshops and visits to museums and archaeological sites to continue to search for that connection that binds the ancient to the modern, the past to the future and thus to place one’s own contemporaneity in a broader reflection. To conclude the residency, the works of PACK AND GO, focused by the dialogue during the workshop, will return to the exhibition to question the public. The appointment with this second Meet up is for 25 October at the Centro Di Sarro Center, in Rome.

The conclusion will be held in Amsterdam, where the group will be hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute, to explore the city, its museums and its history. The Meet up with the public and the Dutch art scene will take place on 29 October.

ARP is an artistic residency program, conceived and implemented by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro, with the contribution of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners. For its 8th edition, it has promoted the PACK AND GO formula, that is the bet to conceive and create an artwork that represents the idea of contemporary and that can be carried in a hand luggage to allow maximum mobility.
The Consulate General of Italy in Vlore, the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, Mediaaid Onlus and Rainbow Media NPO participate in supporting this 8° edition.

The jury of the ARP PACK AND GO competition, which selected the 6 young people from European, Balkan and Southern African countries, was composed of Alessandra Atti Di Sarro, Simone Ciglia University of Oregon USA and Carlotta Sylos Calo ‘University of Rome Tor Vergata.

ARP- Art Residency Project. Open Call for the 8th Edition of the competition dedicated to young artists from EU Countries, the Balkans and Southern Africa. Applications by August 10, 2022.

What does contemporary art mean and, above all, how and how much can the definition of contemporary be adapted to the continuous change of time and history? The last few years have confronted us with the need to reflect on the Hic et nunc, suddenly erasing that sense of stability that was associated with the idea of the contemporary era, our contemporary, peaceful and progressive era. In short, is history perhaps putting us in front of a new era? So will the future be the new contemporary? And how will art be able to respond to these mutations?

Are you a young artist who wishes to match with other points of view? Do you have the capacity to create an artwork that can travel with you and represent your poetics dealing with different ideas, techniques and languages?

Apply to the CALL for the Talents Exchange PACK AND GO!

ARP Talents Exchange PACK AND GO wants to offer young artists the opportunity of conceiving and creating an artwork that represents their own idea of contemporaneity and that can be transportable anywhere in order to allow it maximum mobility. The artwork presented by each participant will be evaluated by a jury who will select 5 winning artists. At the same time, 1 young curator will also be selected to work in dialogue with the artists, creating the concept of an exhibition event.

The Talents Exchange PACK AND GO will therefore be the opportunity to bring together in Rome 6 young creatives from European countries (EU), countries of the Balkan area and countries of southern Africa (SADC).

ARP-Art Residency Project, is the cultural and educational exchange program in the visual arts, conceived and promoted by the Centro di Documentazione della Ricerca Artistica Contemporanea Luigi Di Sarro, with the contribution of MAECI – Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Media Aid Onlus and with the collaboration of Rainbow Media NPO.

What the program offers:

The 6 winners of the competition will be involved in a 10-day training residency in Rome. They will participate in a workshop on the theme “Hic et nunc, the notion of contemporary”, which will include meetings with experts and scholars and a path of visits and activities at museums and monumental sites. At the end of the residency, an exhibition event will take place at the Centro Di Sarro headquarters, offering meetings and dialogue with the public.

After the conclusion of the program, Centro Di Sarro will take care of promoting the exhibition resulting from the Talents Exchange, prepared for PACK AND GO.

Who can join:

To apply to the Call you must be born or permanently live in a European Union country (EU), in a Balkan area country or in a Southern African country (SADC); you have to be U30; you must be fluent in English and be interested in having a group experience and willing to carry out the activities set out in the Call in the period between October and December 2022.

(IMPORTANT: airline tickets, accommodation and access to museums included in the program will be paid for by the organization. Participants will have to provide for personal expenses and their own food. The accommodation may include multiple rooms.)

How to apply:

The application, drawn up in English, must be submitted by 10th August 2022, by email to, with “ARP 8th Edition CALL” in the object and accompanied by the following materials:

  • Motivation letter with declaration of availability to participate in the period October-December 2022, under penalty of forfeiture (in PDF); 
  • Technical sheet and images of the proposed artwork which can be of any artistic discipline, as long as it can be transported in a bag that respects the rules of a hand luggage: 55x40x20cm weight max 8kg, no liquids and flammable materials (in PDF)
  • Portfolio (in PDF); 
  • Artistic CV, with specific mention of the level of knowledge of the English language (in WORD);
  • Copy of valid passport and proof of residence, if different from the country of birth; 
  • Proof of COVID19 vaccination and acceptance of the rules required for COVID19, based on the regulations in force in Italy and in the countries of origin at the date of the project.

CL / PA – the travel. Giulia Fumagalli’s project, created with Aran Ndimurwanko, between Chile and Panama is among the winners of the Italian Council 10 – Development of talents. The trip took place as part of the La Wayaka Current residency program. Centro Di Sarro, which is one of the cultural partners of the project, will host the final exhibition next fall.

CL / PA – the travel is a nomadic artistic residency project in remote natural environments and among indigenous peoples.

CL / PA – the travel took place as part of the residency program at @lawayakacurrent.
The project is supported by the Italian Council (2021), Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity #DGCC, Ministry of Culture @mic_italia, @creativita_contemporanea, with the partnership of Spazienne @spazienne and Centro Luigi Di Sarro @arp_art_residency_project.

In a world marked by fast times, limitations and rules imposed by society, CL / PA – the travel represents a possibility of returning to the origins, to a personal time and to new possible visions. An archive on time, form and materials. A search for comparison and dialogue with different artistic personalities, which today is less and less.

The project of Giulia Fumagalli , who won the Italian Council Edition 10 – Development of Talents and therefore enjoys the support of the MIC Contemporary Creativity General Direction, it will be built in collaboration with Aran Ndimurwanko, an artist from Trentino Region of Italy, whose practice is linked to African culture and use of natural materials. The need to face the path in a continuous comparison with another artist arises from the curiosity to understand if formally and conceptually different practices, inserted in the same situation, can create an exchange that goes beyond a simple dialogue.

CL / PA – the travel will begin composing images, drawings, sketches, writings and works of art along the way: the residence La Wayaka Desert 26 ° S (Chile, Atacama Desert 5-26 April 2022); the itinerary in northern Chile (26 April-4 May 2022); the itinerary between Panama and Panama City (May 5-9, 2022) and finally the residence La Wayaka Tropic 08 ° N (Panama, Guna Yala Archipelago 10-31 May 2022) developing a research in dialogue with other artists, curators and collaborators of the plan.

This itinerary will be an opportunity to explore new artistic perspectives, to reflect on the current situation in the world, on one’s position in the social / relational system and on the ecological question. An archive in the making, which will take shape gradually, with interventions of various kinds, the result of which could materialize in visions and works that are formally distant or in works made even by several hands.

At the end of the travel period, all the materials collected will flow into a publication, produced with the support of Spazienne – Garbagnate Milanese and the works born even later from the maturation of the experience will be exhibited at the Centro Luigi Di Sarro – Rome (15 November – 15 December 2022).

We followed the stages of the journey, both here on the website and on our IG account @arp_art_residency_project, as the artists sent us updates and previews.


THE STORY of Giulia Fumagalli: 🦙 Desert 23 ° S – Atacama Desert, Chile

Why did you go to the desert?
“I started to feel the need for a time interval that was only mine. Most of all I needed to breathe and the desert is the perfect place to stop the state of apnea and start listening to your body.
I was told that we keep time in our hearts, that our beats mark a rhythm that we must learn to respect by living, walking, breathing “.

What did you do while you where in the desert?
“I walked far and wide, trying to follow it in every possible direction, because only by walking can you savor its essence.
There is not much to do in the desert.
What you see are sand and stones, sand and stones in a succession of surfaces that constantly change patterns.In the desert you are alone, but you are never really alone.
Pachamama is everywhere: in the stones, in the sand, in the salt. A void so full that it made me feel extremely good.”

What did you learn from the desert?
“I have learned to consider things as a whole, appreciating their duality.
Like that night in the desert, lying on the sand, when I was told about the Licanantay constellations. They told me not only of bright stars, but of black shapes whose outlines are outlined by light.
A lama, a snake, a fox, and many other characters draw the celestial vault without illuminating it and it was the first time I realized that I had never been able to observe the sky in its complexity.”

Desert 23°S – Deserto di Atacama, Cile

ARP 7Edition at Cape Town Art Fair. 14-16 February 2020.

Alessio Barchitta, Giulia Fumagalli, Salvador Gomez, Grace Mokalapa, Zana Masombuka and Viktoria Nianiou end their journey with Arp-Art Residency Project at Investec Cape Town Art Fair, co-existence is the show of artworks made by the 6 winning artists during the six weeks of the art residency between Cape Town, Granada e Roma.

co-existence is an exploratory journey of interpersonal, geographical, and collective experiences of identity. We all exist in close proximity, but often without being aware of each other’s individual and shared experience. We move in built and organic environments that evoke emotional responses – beyond our consciousness – the scenography of our daily life.

co-existence is not the sum of individuals, but the result of this addition.

co-existence means sharing and reflecting on our identity in terms of culture, heritage, gender, and environment. One of the questions the project poses is: how we can realize a co-existence without disavowing our individual cultural heritage.  

co-existence will see three stages of travel, meetings, and research: Cape Town, Granada and Rome. (Alessandra Atti Di Sarro – ARP Director)