Eva Macali – FACCIONI

curated by Roberto Gramiccia

opening: thursday 16 june 2016 6pm

(the show runs till 9 july)


FACCIONI, in italian means large faces, but also means the big poster on the road. So in this way, FACCIONI are images of women made object from advertising. The Eva Macali’s show offers an overturns of the hierarchical relationship between the observer and the observed. “One of my goals – says the artist – is that the women I represent can receive their subjectivity back. … My trial intervenes between the codes of modern painting, photography and the media; It is generally linked to the broader theme of the iconography “. Roberto Gramiccia writes in the text “I Faccioni, the looks, the question” that accompanies the exhibition: …  Eva Macali’s FACCIONI are in the tradition, but also outside of the traditional (…) made by an energetic gazelle post-pop, and that’s is also a natural anti-pop for an artist who has to dial with a Mediterranean culture. A culture that for thousands of years, rather than giving answers, he prefers to give questions. The same questions arising from the crossed eyes of FACCIONI showed at Centro Di Sarro. A question is in every glance. And in that question is the deeper meaning of life”.