CUBA – Un Projecto Especifico – Paolo Bini and Catherine Biocca in Havana

Un Projecto Especifico is the installation made in Havana by Paolo Bini and Catherine Biocca for the XIII Weeks of Italian Culture 2010.
The two artists selected by Centro Luigi Di Sarro at the invitation of the Italian Embassy in Cuba exhibited their works in the halls of the Convent of Saint Francis at Old Havana and during their stay they designed and built a site-specific that represented their encounter with Cuban reality. This prolific experience has been made with a catalog that collects the photographic narrative of the exhibition done in Havana, accompanied by the texts of Ambassador Marco Baccin and Alessandra Atti Di Sarro who curated the project. For some years, the Centro Luigi Di Sarro has carried out such artistic initiatives in different areas of the world with the aim of promoting the encounter, knowledge and confrontation. The exhibition was repeated in Rome, to account for the Cuban experience, but also to open the debate on the importance of cultural dialogue, especially in the field of contemporary artistic research and experimentation.



Opening  18 june 2013, 6 pm

in collaboration with South African Embassy in Italy  Themba Khumalo, Minekulu Ngoyi, Nompumelo Ngoma e Nkosinathi Simelane,  young artists from Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, show at Centro Luigi Di Sarro to celebrate the South African Youth Day.

It has been 37 years since the Soweto (an acronym for the Southern Western Townships, Johannesburg) uprising, and to commemorate the day, officially called Youth Day, the Embassy of South Africa will celebrate under the theme “YOUTH, DEMOCRACY AND SOCIAL COHESION”.

The June 16, 1976 youth fought for freedom and the creation of a democratic state. Today’s youth activism is focused on successfully tackling the challenges of poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, personal development and economic freedom.

It is under this premise that the Embassy of South Africa has collaborated with Artist Proof Studio’s who have sent four highly talented artists: Ms Nompumelelo Ngoma, Messer Themba Khumalo, Nkosinathi Simelane and Minekulu Ngoyi to showcase their skills and talent to an Italian audience.

From 19-22 June, the artists will be painting panels under the aforementioned theme at Isola Tiberina in commemoration for Youth Day. The show will be interactive, meaning that whilst the artists work, the audience will have the opportunity to meet and engage with the artists and discuss what the theme means to them, this will then be captured visually by the artists on their canvas. Ultimately, what is left behind is an illustration that has been captured by South African artists about how people view the youth, democracy and social cohesion in their everyday society. In the same days the APS artists show their works at CENTRO LUIGI DI SARRO.

The Government of South Africa believes in the empowerment of its youth, and having the artists present, in Rome, during youth month (so-called as Youth Day falls on this month), projects like this help expose our youth to a different perception about the world and opens up their minds creatively, which in turn leads to job opportunities.


It’s called “Daily Life” and is a self-presentation project. The picture of Africa seen with the eyes of Africa itself. Lindeka Qampi‘s photographs will feature, from June 22, 2010, at Fifa Fan Fest, in the magnificent location of Piazza di Siena. The event, organized by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro and Erdmann Contemporary together with the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Rome, proposes the work of the South African photographer, known beyond the boundaries of his nation, just for the talent and heart that puts in every shot. Qampi lives in Cape Town, in Khayellitsha township, a huge suburb where more than a million people live.

In the Lindeka Qampi’s pictures formal areas and slums, but also gestures and glances in which misery, joy of life and great dignity are mixed: everything is enclosed in her shots that capture the most salient features of daily life, in a still poor context, but with deeply rooted habits and traditions. The selection chosen for the occasion portrays the passion of the black community for football.

The Daily Life project promoters will sell Qampi’s photos and will send the full proceeds to the artist to allow she to continue her work. With these funds, in fact, her self-presentation project will be able to go on. As the same said: “After graduation, I sold my clothes all my life, just like my mother did. I started taking photos only a few years ago. I started photographing my family. Then I went to weddings, though I was not invited, and sometimes the people were surprised, seeing that I was taking pictures and not knowing who I was. I did this to learn. ”



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